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Bug / change with altitude dimension in 3D documents in AC25 (windows)?


Up until AC24 you could use the dimensioning tool in altitude mode  in 3D documents,  click on any part  of the document and it would work.


In AC25 for meshs  it will only work if you click on an edge or hotspots. For objects it will only work if you click on hotspots


We recently switched from mac to pc at the office  and noticed this change.

on mac it works fine in  ac24 and 25

on pc  it works in 24 but not 25.


Could this be added to the bug list?

Barry Kelly

I can confirm that on a PC, you can't use the elevation option of the dimension tool on any part of an object in 25, as you could in 24.

Only hotspots can be dimensioned in 25 as you mentioned.


Whether this gets noted here as a bug or not is another matter.

Best course of action is to report it to your local Archicad support people.








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