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Fills in Section

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Couldn't find this wish so...

I just wish that when sections are created, all fills would have their outline option turned on instead of having lines drawn around them. I really don't understand why things are done this way. If I want a fill to be outlined with lines (as opposed to have its own outline drawn by its tool setting), the line & magic wand are right there to help WAY faster than erasing all the lines around the fill (assuming I select those and not the fill itself).

Just a thought... or am I the only one here?...
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The reason it is done this way is because the fills clean up to each other and so the lines are not drawn at those edges.

This is not possible with the current form of the fill tool; the edges are all or nothing. Polygon fills written in GDL can show or hide edges so the potential is already there.

The question becomes whether this is a feature we want to see added to the fill tool.
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