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Grids & Background Styles - Save Option


Not for the first time I am working on a project where it is necessary to jump between different "rotated" construction grids where one is used for the external facing (e.g. Brickwork) and the other(s) are internal structure (e.g. timber frame). Reconfiguring the origin point and adjusting the grid spacing each time is tedious when the detailed layouts are still evolving. 


On top of this it would provide an opportunity to store snap & nudge settings more relevant to the scale being worked on e.g. you could load a style for 1:100 or 1:5. It would also enable setting different colour references for the various grid views and also adjustment of the background to suit the drawing e.g. a DWG import that needs a black background or personal choice on a different background to white.


Ultimately this could possibly be saved with the drawing view, but for now it would be great just to have the ability to save and load Grid & Background Styles quickly from the view menu.


More low hanging fruit with workflow benefits for all. 😉

Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)

Yes, it is strange that there are settings which we use and change often but which can't be saved and easily applied to views which means decreased efficiency and consistency. In addition to Grids & Background: 3D Cutaway, Filter and Cut, Projection Settings, Sun Settings etc.


I think this is related to wishes about the ability to setup multiple coordinate systems and lock input to working units number of decimals. Although we would still be limited by the 2D grid this wish is a quick fix and should be implemented as soon as possible.

Benjamin Dani

Dear All,


Thank you for sharing your ideas and opinions regarding this request!


I'm glad to say that we took notice and we have added this wish into our Wish list database.
(For future reference, you can refer to it as IDEA-12361)

I hope we see this get implemented in the future.


Have a great day!

Best regards,

Dani Benjamin
Technical Support Engineer