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I hope that by making GDL functions searchable in the standard GDL library


It's too hard to understand only the English GDL manual.
So, it would be very helpful if there were sample codes, but the GDL manual doesn't have many example codes. So I have to go looking for it, but it's so sad that even in the age of AI, you can't search for GDL functions in standard GDL libraries.
So hope to graphisoft.
I hope that by making GDL functions searchable in the standard GDL library, it will open the way for beginners to understand.

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Kevin Lee

1. So are you requesting GDL manual in local language? FYI Someone from GRAPHISOFT KOREA kindly translated the English manual into Korean. you might be lucky to have a copy if you contact Doallteck,


2. there is a sublime addon that supports GDL syntax/highlighting feature.


3. I also recommend reading GDL cookbook. it may be an old manual but I haven't seen anything better than this.


4. Built-it GDL syntax/highlighting feature/pre-coding/searchable would be great. who knows, it might come to us in the near future.


5. last but not least, no matter how good the reference book or AI is, I recommend digging into other's GDL scripts. you learn both good and bad techniques. 



Kevin Lee

Director of Technology | BIM

TZG Architects
Jarrod Phillips

In my experience you won’t come across a singular source for learning GDL on the internet. Your best bet is to find bits and pieces from different sources and take what you need or what you can understand. As Kevin mentioned, the gdl cookbook is great, there are several versions which can be found online, there is also the GDL handbook by Andrew Watson which I also found to be quite useful and lastly the archicad community forums are full of useful bits of code that people have shared. You may not understand everything at first, but overtime it will begin to make more sense. Good luck!

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Fulton Trotter Architects - Sydney, Australia
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