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May switch back to 25


Archicad please bring back hide/view all layers and lock/unlock all layers to the layer settings. I've been working on a couple of projects in 26 now and this feature is sorely missed so much that I may have to work only in 25 even though they fixed a few other items in 26, like quitting and opening but thats not worth it and fonts. Yes i know there is a quick layers pallet but it does not do what I want and for some reason it does not show up in my work environment that I brought forward from 30 years of working in Archicad. I'm also not a fan of the new setup for surface materials on long list instead of them all showing up.

Karl Ottenstein

The functionality is there, but has changed from a single button to a combination of clicks:  ctrl/cmd-A to select all layers, then click the eyeball or lock etc to change all layers.


I agree with you and others that the old single-button functionality was quicker, instantly visible and understandable, and the new design eliminated a historic method for no meaningful reason.


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Agreed. I found the workaround Karl described but there should have been no reason to need a workaround here.

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I have 2 layer combinations set up. Clear & All. They are pinned to the top of my layer combination list and provide the switching ability you are looking for. You do have to update the combination if layers are added tho.

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It is not a workaround.

The command has always been there, it is just we also had the buttons.

Don't forget there are commands available as well as the 'Quick Layers' palette.




I think these can all be added to custom toollbars in the Work Environment, or just turn on the 'QuickLayers' palette in the Windows menu (I have set up a keyboard shortcut for it as well ... ALT+Q).




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Appreciate that, Barry, but disagree on whether or not it’s a workaround. We have to do to something different in order to make up for buttons that were removed from the interface… to me that is called a workaround. 

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David O

Hi if you right click on any of the tool bars you  can select the arrange elements tool bar, I always keep it docked at the bottom right of my screen as I use it all the time

Arrange elements tool l bar.jpg