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Mesh with constant thickness


Whenever I model terrain, I dream of an additional feature that would be useful, e.g. for convenient cutting of roads, various surfaces (etc.) in the terrain mesh, so that it would then also be visible in cross-sections (e.g. by using SEO operations). This is a mesh of a given thickness: 


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I've also been waiting a long time for this kind of evolution of the mesh tool(instead of using the mesh to roof add-on), in addition it would be great if we could choose a composite structure as well as a building material!(..........who knows if one day we will have this joy of seeing it in practice🤣🤣)

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I also had a similar wish. In my idea would be also great to have composite structures with the last one set to infinite. That would allow to get detailed section of the ground (e.g. roads) independently from the height of the Mesh, which may vary in the project if the terrain is very sloped.

Homescu Ciprian

As a workaround for this I make a copy of the mesh, elevate it and use it as an operator to subtract from the original mesh. Quite the waste of time. Please make a constant setting.