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More sophisticated GDL hotspot functions / interface


I was just looking through the roadmap and there is very little mention of proposed new GDL functionality.


One GDL feature I would really love to see if more sophisticated hotspot and editing abilities.  Something like making the more complex pet palette functions of others tools available within a GDL object would allow for easier user interfaces of highly customisable objects that would be genuine alternatives for native tools.  


I'm thinking things like polyline functionality , adjusting curves, extending nodes etc, elevate nodes in both 2D and 3D, editing text from a node, better toggling of booleans, or ability to select drop down options from the floor plan.


Ideas for objects that could utlise these features:

- A customisable mesh tool where you could build in fixed batter angles etc

- Extrudable tube with highly customisable 3d path geometry and elbow adjustments

- Schedules where you could edit the field content from the 2D window  


Appreciate that it is possible to hack a lot of this functionality into GDL objects already, but it usually requires some pretty significant workarounds and its quite complicated to transfer these hacks/features over to other objects.


Just food for thought.




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