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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Parametric Object Webinar?


That was hard to watch.


How can you promote something that hasn't changed for decades!


Graphisoft....what world are you living in? You are miles behind in this tech.


GDL developers need a modern GDL editor interface, Param-0 with access to all GDL functions.


Just do these two things .......please


We have been waiting 20+yrs....




Your honestly,

Fed up AC user

Planworks Ltd
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And we need Param-O to be able to do not only 3D, but 2D too

Also in PARAM-O it would be good to see what kind of code it compiled in sidetab. This way will be much easier to understand GDL behind it.

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Magdolna Marosvari

Dear @gavinNZz, The goal of the webinar was to give an overview about the available object editing options, not to present new features. Though your feedback is much appreciated. 

I don't think anyone expected a presentation of new features. Still it's quite a disheartening experience as you realise that there will be very little to no development regarding dynamic modelling in the coming year. That LPM, PARAM-O, and GDL have different pros/cons and are suited for different cases is a convenient explanation as to why there isn't a unified approach in place when the reality seem to be that this is something that simply isn't prioritised.


PARAM-O was basically noted to still be a experimental feature not suited for rational workflows and yet you encourage users to invest time in it just to realise and be frustrated by it's obviously stalled development. That you don't even make the simplest default library objects such as basic shapes with PARAM-O is quite telling - why should users have any faith that it will be properly developed anytime soon?


Visual scripted dynamic/parametric modelling is becoming a dominant modality - it is frustrating to see that the application you have invested time and money in doesn't seem to prioritise it.

I understand the reasoning behind the webinar and at least GS is doing something but the reality is that the GDL development tools are now so far behind it is embarrassing. I felt sorry for the presenters as they are just doing their job. GS management are totally responsible for this lack of development in the GDL space. Yet they think that having a GDL challenge and a webinar will somehow boost GDL use. There are a good number of amazing GDL coders already out there and with 'up to date tools' they would do some amazing stuff but GS doesn't seem to value that. Why not? 

Planworks Ltd
Residential Designer based in Tauranga, NZ
Archicad v9+
VR enthusiast.
Always wants more!

The first post is a bit harsh, but it´s true that maybe the webinar was a bit underwhelming, not for the content itself, that was a nice recap of the options available, but for the answers to questions: at least to me it looked as is GS is doing next to nothing at the moment about the issues raised here in the forums all the time - better GDL editor, a more powerful param-o, etc. I think that that kind of questions were to be expected and can´t understand how GS wasn´t prepared to give a more thoughful answer to them.

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Had no time to look at it in time - will there be a Youtube-Vid available, to have a look at this  Webinar later?

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I missed it as well.

A recording should be available on the webinar page next week.



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