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Multiple Coordinate Systems

We really need to be able to define multiple coordinate systems as references in model space, having them accessible through all viewpoints and be able to easily choose which one to work relative to.


What we currently have is not much more than a on-screen input aid that seem to assume that we still work on paper in 2D. Being able to have a "free" grid overlay and origin for separate viewpoints is of course very useful for graphical input but we also need to be able to have proper coordinate systems for references that are "locked".


We should not have to constantly redefine the construction grid / editing plane every time we work on different situations of the model but should instead just change between different coordinate systems that are defined for the different situations. Nor should we need anything more than a defined coordinate system to get a reference coordinates across all of the viewpoints of the model.

Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni


Thank you very much for sharing this great idea!

I am happy to say we took notice of this wish and I have added it to our Wish List database (please refer to it as IDEA-11981). Hopefully, our Product Management team will adopt this one in the future.

Have a great day!


Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

See...I'm a bit split when it comes to this one.

When you describe the need for different coordinate systems (and after reading your desription) you seem to be talking about user defined coordinate systems that are related to working views (please let me know if I have misunderstood this). This is similar to the good old UCS in Autocad - and does in a way exist in Archicad. I mean, you can rotate your view and save the view rotation in your working view.


However, to take the next step is to talk about national coordinate systems (surveyor/cadastral) and then it becomes a whole different story.


I expect that you are talking about the first example - and based on that I will up-vote.

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Yes - the idea is "simply" multiple user defined coordinate systems that are more than just a rotated view or construction grid and which can be set up has a "hard" reference for different systems which need different origins and rotations.