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No Automatic Layout Addition in New Transmittal Sets

Josh Verran

Creating a new transmittal set auto-adds all changed layouts.


This is problematic, especially when template-based layouts are involved that might not be relevant.
The auto-inclusion often leads to inaccuracies, requiring us to manually remove all layouts and then add relevant ones.


Some workarounds, like creating a template transmittal with every layout, have unwanted side effects.

Deleting layouts isn't a viable option as they're often needed later.


Creating a transmittal set should not automatically add any layouts, or there should be a user-configurable option to control whether or not this occurs.

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I would like to see this coupled with an additional colour in the Layout View to differentiate changed drawings that are not in the Transmittal Set. Once a Transmittal Set is created, a new layout is not automatically added. The only way to check what is in the Transmittal is to step through the layouts or try and spot anything missing in the Publisher Set.

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+1000 for this. A constant big bear of mine.


I get that the intent is that it automatically adds layout that you have added changes too, but also adding any brand new layout too, completely negates any advantage of that. 

We tried a workflow where all the sheets in our template were pre added to a dummy transmittal to attempt to make use of the ‘auto add’ but once you start adding new sheets or rough layouts for working drawings etc it makes that a waste of time. So o
ur office workflow now requires removal of all layouts immediately after creating a new transmittal and then add just manually add the sheets you need. 


The blue delete cross on blue background is another big annoyance too.


@DGSketcher  that would be an awesome addition. 

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