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Subscript and Superscript in properties


Is it possible to set a part of a text string in a property expression to show as sub- / or superscript? I'm trying to show fire codes with the correct presentation, but can't find a way to adjust the text in the expression options.




You can use unicode characters to approximate this. As with a lot of things concerning text, it depends on installed fonts (and probably other things like operating system) how it is rendered in the end. Here's an example (unfortunately subscript doesn't seem to work that well for me):




For superscript I find this tool works best:
For subscript try this:

Hope that helps!

Bernd Schwarzenbacher - Archicad Add-On Developer - (Add-On Downloads & Articles)


Thanks for the help, I get it to work with the "@Arial Unicode MS" font, but not with the "Arial" font that I assume comes with my Adobe package.

Arial is a standard system font for both Windows and Mac.  (Please go to your Settings and add a "Signature" that lists your operating system and version of AC at a minimum... or include that with any question.)


(If your concern with fonts is sharing the file with other users, then, yes, anyone opening the file has to have the fonts that you use to have things appear as you see them.  If instead you are concerned about PDF output, the PDF format embeds the fonts you use inside the PDF so that others will see the same thing.)

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