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Publisher Sets - Assign Layer Combos / Pen Sets


Another nice feature that would be great to be able to add to the Publisher Sets would be to assign a specific layer combo and penset to a publisher set.


We have a PUBLISH - PDF and PUBLISH - DWG layer combos, and they differ hiding the Titleblock in the DWG layer combo, so that when we publish DWGS for layout sheets we don't layer on the  master with the Titleblock is hidden (for fear of drawings being ripped off by - yes I know you can explode a PDF).  So it would be great to link those to specific publish sets so you know you are always using the right layer combo when publishing a specific type of drawings.


With Penset we utilise a Working and Print pent set.  Working being colours related to weights and material types, print being all black/grey.  Most of the time the Print penset stays selected on the layout sheet, so the elements place on the master or directly on the layout print in black, but every so often someone will accidently unintentionally change it and no realise.


(Can you tell I'm publishing lots of drawings this arvo!)




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I like the idea of the publish sets having an assigned layer combo. We have two combos we use for published sets, one with internal markups for check sets (often pink and red notes) and one without, so being able to assign would be helpful. The pen set assignment would also be useful, but it wouldn't capture the pen colors in sheeted drawings, only items placed directly on the layout, so would be less useful for our needs but could see it being nice to have in certain instances.

Andrew Arkell

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Hi Scott,


Just posting a link to my version of this same wish posted back in 2017.  While my need for this has changed over the years, I still see it as important and worthwhile.  Even if I wouldn't be using it right now, it feels weird relying on whatever the current layers and pen settings happen to be when publishing drawings and hoping things turn out right.


Hopefully this wish gets up there in the wishlist spring cleaning.

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Lachlan Green

Just adding this in here for what it's worth.  There's a bug that allows the Partial Structure Display setting to be applied to a layout.  This then hides all non load-bearing objects placed on the layout or master such as North Points or Revision History.  This is all despite the PSD setting being greyed out and "N/A" 


Having all of these settings saved as part of the publisher set would help avoid such issues / bugs.

Lachlan Green | Wilson Architects | BIM Manager, Architect
Since AC9 | Currently AC23 - AC27.5003 | BIMCloud | GDL
Mac Studio 14,13 | MacOS 14.4, M2 Max, 64GB, 1TB NVMe