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Rework Handling Of Hotlink Modules


Hello all together,


I touched this topic earlier here.

After I tried now to use always the same module for different versions which different places of the same (complete) building in a project... in vain, I've come to the point where I say: Rework the thing completely. I'ts not longer "in time".


Also, because It's not possible to have Archicad files (easily) synchronized – settings, layers and so on... I see the "In-place-editing" of Hotlink Modules as the only proper way to cope with such thing...
... without the need to have a number of separate stories for modules, and
... without having the modules somewhere in the general modelling area and "disturb" there


For using hotlink modules for "versions", it should be capable to control the whole module with the 'renovation filter'
(In my example I had to save for every version an extra change the assignment to the filters, working story by story... takes a lot of time and a lot of confusion potential (if you know what I mean...))


And, my last point here: I think there should be more option for settings of elements in hotlink modules...

... like the above-mentioned assignment to renovation filters... and behaving and settings for zones.


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