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Design Options and Hotlink Modules locations within a project file


Hi all,

1. Thank you for Design options. definitely a major upgrade.

2. Apologies if this is already out there, I couldn't find any mention of the idea and it's a real need for our office. 

3. As an improvement for the design options tool, I'd really like to be able to assign a design option to the hotlink module after it is placed.  To be clear, I would want the design option to be locally (in the plan file in which it is placed) assigned so that I can place hotlink modules in deferent locations based on the different design options.  I am managing this now by assigning different Master layers for the modules... but this is a workaround not a feature in my opinion.  The idea of design options is to do different designs and then be able to click through them using the same project layers instead of having to manage 10 different layer sets for different options.



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