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Style Sheet

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The management of the style in ArchiCAD for pens and texturing is not really efficient...

I think a more efficient way should be a Style Sheet, like in "CSS" for websites.

The problem is that we need to set the texture and pens to doors, windows, furniture, etc.. at each time, and for all components of the windows and furnitures ( the frame, the panels, shelves, etc.. )...

so, at each change of material, it take a lot of time to select the object, change the materials, etc...
it would be easier to have something that defined all the styles of the project.

The style sheet could work like this :
First, we could define in the sheet what material will be used in the project. For exemple we can use, oak, douglas, waxed concrete, grey tiles, plaster and blue facing. ArchiCAD give an index to this shoosen materials:
M1 -> oak
M2 -> douglas
M3 -> waxed concrete
M4 -> grey tiles
M5 -> plaster
M6 -> blue facing

In a second time, we defined filters that defined for each element, the material to apply:
Wall By default > M5
Exterior Wall on the 2nd floor > M2
Doors and Windows Exterior > M2
Doors and windows Interior > M6
Windows at the first floor > M6
Wall in the Bedrooms > M6
Floor By Default > M3
Floor in the bathroom and kitchen > M4
Shelves of the kitchen > M6

after if the wood or the color of tiles changes, i have just one line to change on the style sheet instead of a lot of object to set
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