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TW messages NEED TO POP more


Sigh. The TW messages could be soo good it they popped a bit more...colour, sound, flashing,appear in a predestined location...whatevere but it is so common we miss these subtle messages ...could (should) be so good. 

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Lee Hankins

They would be better if they were integrated in to the macOS Notification system so they are prominent in front of any app. I assume Windows has a similar system.


Even a link through BIMx on iOS and Android devices so if you are signed in with your Graphisoft ID you receive mobile notifications just in case you accidentally left the office with elements reserved.

Lee Hankins
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Gerry Leonor

i don't know if i'm misremembering things, but didn't the older versions of AC actually flashed the taskbar icon if a TW Message came up even if you were in a different window?


if not, i think it'd be extremely useful to have this feature, at a minimum.

nothing more annoying than having to get other people's attention in a separate communication program (Teams, Slack etc) just ask them to Release things.

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