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Toggle for switching between imperial and metric system?


We are working with team in Europe and United States, we both have different systems, plus some furniture/ have inches in specs, some in cm... its just time consuming to go to menu & select dimensions (3-4clicks) and during the day this all quite consume time. is there option to have toggle for this? One click and done? can't be so hard? 

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Pls can you explain more this operation for converting from inches to metric and vice versa.

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Are you talking about the display of dimensions in the Tracker Working Units or the Dimension Tool?


If it's the Tracker, you would have to the Working Units through Options>Project Preferences>Working Units.  You could however add a keyboard shortcut or toolbar button directly to that setting for ease of access.


If its the display of dimensions on the Dimension Tool, you can create a presets for Metric and Imperial and the quickly swap between them from the Quick Options palette along the bottom of the screen.

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