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A warning when deleting objects and elements outside field of view




Every once in a while i accidentally delete things when working. 


For example:

Lets say I have some lines grouped and and i want to delete one of them, without me remembering it I've activated the select group setting. And when i delete the line i want to delete the rest of the group is gone. 


I'm not saying this is happening a lot but when it does I usually have much too do and under some stress. 


I'm suggesting that it would be nice to have an option in your work environment that gives the user the option to toggle on or off the setting to give us a warning when ever you delete things that is outside what you see on the monitor. 


I might be the only one with this problem or it might be a too big coding job. I don't know, but it would be nice not to delete things by misstake! 







Barry Kelly

It does give a message now if you have grouped with something that is in a hidden layer (but not when off the screen).

It tells you the hidden elements will also be deleted.


At least it should tell you that you are about to delete a group - do you want to continue.

With a checkbox in the message to say 'show this message in future', which you can turn off if you don't want to see it again.



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...and grouped items that are on different stories.


The question is, how easy is it for the program to define whether something is in the view extents or not? Given stories and hidden layers it is a simple boolean with easily accessible information. With this, not so much. Snap shotting an area, similar to cropped views on Layouts, a dynamic amount outside your view and querying that possibly? That would probably reduce performance if you are frequently changing zoom significantly...

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Tricky one for the software to trap, but definitely one you should learn from experience. My biggest frustration with this scenario is when you do a crossing selection and AC picks up the centre of a circle or arc that may not be visually obvious.

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Yes, i've noticed, which is nice! 


I'm sure it could be evolved to work much better then i suggested. 

I honestly don't think this will happen in any near future, but i wanted to to put it out there as I don't think I'm the only one with this problem. 


I my dreams, this option does not effect performance 🙂

But if I have to choose between performance and sometimes delete things accidentally or slower Archicad with more controlling instances i choose the first option.  


I think that my problem with deleting things by accident is linked to my personality. Im more of fast but sloppy kind of person by nature, but I'm working on it. 


If we can have a new section in Quick Options Bar or Palette named Selected Items which tells us how many items we have selected ( for deleting or copying whatever ) and if I double click or even hover over the icon I can see selected items details like ( 2 walls & 1 circle & 1 hotspot ) even with more details like ( it’s layer or storey no. ) so if any time you have a doubt you can look fast and be sure before you proceed your delete or copy operation, without warnings or affecting the software performance.


Edit: I know that can be done for now by the Info box which showing All Selected items no. and also by Edit Selection Set which shows the number and type of selected elements, but why not to have all this and more details in a separate and fast way.

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Although the actual wish might be a bit hard to implement - there is certainly a lot that can be done to deter such mishaps when modeling.


Control of visibility and edibility should be moved from layers to object oriented criteria. We work with objects and systems of objects and that should of course be the basis for interaction with the model. Imagine if we could model in an interface similar to Model Compare. Being able to easily set which objects should be "active" and get a interactive list of these - showing any selected object. 


Combined with improved and enhanced group functionalities this would be make controlled modelling much more efficient. 



@thesleepofreason wrote:

Combined with improved and enhanced group functionalities this would be make controlled modelling much more efficient. 

After 40 Years of development this can't be far off, can it? 🙄

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