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Truncate Surface Label text


The Surface Label is great, but it can only show the full name of the surface. We need a way to show a code in the drawings and the full name in a schedule.

As of now I'm using a custom property for walls which truncates the surface name using a simple expression (Reads the name "P01 - White Paint" and returns "P01" in the property) together with the Property Label to show this truncated value in plan. The goal is to keep only the code in plan and the complete specification in a schedule.

The main problem with this approach is: if the wall is flipped (via Change Flip Status) the Property Label does not update with the wall, and will show a misleading value:


(The above image show the same wall before and after being flipped and the Property Label not updating showing a misleading value)


The ideal tool for this is the Surface Label (as the name implies!). It does update it's value according to the flip status of the wall, maintaining consistency:

(This image show the same wall before and after being flipped and the Surface Label updating accordingly)


Unfortunately it seems impossible to truncate the text of the label to show only the first characters in order to keep the drawings cleaner. This would be a huge worflow improvement, because the lack of this simple funcionality  makes the Surface Label basically useless for a lot of people.
In my workflow I need to label each wall since is not unusual to have more than one wall finish in the same room for me, but this still applies to a single label in the middle of the room aswell.

Really hoping for this upgrade, Thanks!


(Using the up to date Archicad 25 in Windows 11)


I agree. It would be great for the surface/composite labels to have the option to limit the text to the first 2,3 or 4 characters of the composite name - this would allow for composites to be named/labelled alike despite having different finishes; i.e


W1 - Block Wall with Plasterboard Cladding

W1 - Block Wall with Fibre Cement Cladding 


However, the label would only display the W1 (or W01, W001 etc.)