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Wish: Better way to modify definition of dimension parameters

Robert Nichols

Perhaps I'm not doing this right, but I believe the current method of redefining a dimension type requires you to save a custom setting using the exact same name of the existing type you want to modify. Only then does AC think you might want to tweak an existing type. There is not an option to reuse an existing name. If you enter the name of the dimension type incorrectly, then you get two types with similar but different names. And it's been this way for decades!! 


I recollect that redefining an existing pen set worked this same way until a few years ago, and even now its a bit clunky. 


If I'm wrong about this, and there's a much easier/smarter way to redefine a dimension type, I will be happy to correct my understanding.

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Rajesh Patil

I use the simple "copy - paste" logic while redefining the dimension style by maintaining its original name as it is. You should try out its easy.


2022-02-05 (1).png

2022-02-05 (2).png

Rajesh Patil
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Thanks, Rajesh. Yes that would save me from my typographic mistakes. But there should be a more direct way of modifying an existing dimension type than taking steps to create a new one that happens to have the same name as an old one. Applying the logic used to modify pen settings would be a big improvement in the dimension type dialog.


Mac Studio, 32gb ram, ArchiCAD v26 (Apple Silicon) MacOS 13
Barry Kelly

I agree.

There should be a 'Store As' or 'Redefine' button just as there is in the Work Environment dialogue.

Fortunately it is not often I have to redefine my dimension settings.



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