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Wishes of a student going to work soon

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I am not going to ask things that are impossible or very hard to implement (such as converting a morph into a wall, makes no sense to me, hard to implement and would bring lots of troubles), anyways:

1. The 4 Basic NURBS operations with morph profiles\surfaces: Sweep, Loft, Shell and Surface. Remove Tube function because it's too unusable, I would replace it with a real Sweep.

2. A real tool for railings. Railings along a morph path: so we can finally place railings on any ramp..

3. Convert a shell to a curtain wall, and so:

4. Triangulated curtain walls.

5. SEO operations on walls appear in plan.

I love the software, really, it keeps my mind clean and ordered. Keep it simple!

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6. Convert Morph face to wall\roof\curtainwall

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