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Xref IDs!

Anna Bluke-Hansen

Perhaps something like Xref IDs could help to organise project attributes on models with a lot of xrefs. Currently, it seems to me that Archicad takes the first 7 characters of the xref name and these appear in the name of layers, imported fills etc. What do you think about the option to give an xref ID at import, like it is for hotlinks? We collaborate using dwgs a lot, and this makes our attribute management heavy and messy. Tips on workflows are very welcome 🙂

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

By your description it seems to me you are using the Attach XREF command, which is very old.

You should be using the Drawing tool to place XREFs because you can handle the XREF the same way, but attributes from the XREF (like layers, pens, line types, fill types) will not get into the Project File, they will exist only within the placed XREF Drawing.

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