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AI Visualizer Technical questions

Illes Papp

We know that taking part in an experiment can be challenging from time to time. Do you have issues with installing or running the Archicad AI Visualizer Add-on? This is your place to ask your questions and initiate discussion with others about technical difficulties you may experience while trying to install or run the experimental add-on, or generate images.

Illés Papp
GRAPHISOFT Senior Product Manager
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Hi Norbert,


unzipped the webui folder from my downloads folder to C.:\ and the other folder to the Add-Ons folder as described in the installation guide.


I'll contact the support again.

Thanks a lot for your reply!


Kind Regards




1) I have started file: runHighVram directly into the folder C:\sd.webui as administrator;

2) the render started but froze at 60% with the usual warning: "the ai server is not available.... ;

3)I closed the alert. The screen below is the conclusion of the process.


Screenshot 2023-11-30 alle ore 09.41.35.png



Hi otabekimamov,


Thanks for the screenshots. The Add-on is compatible with Nvidia GPUs only, the AI Engine will not run on AMD cards.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Kind regards,

Norbert Kucsma

Technical Support Engineer

Hi Dareus66,


On the screenshots I can see that you edited the AI Engine Address, if you are trying to run the engine and the Add-on on the same device please leave it like this: localhost:7860.


Kind regards,

Norbert Kucsma

Technical Support Engineer

Hi MADheikki,


Thanks for sharing this.


Please contact your local support because we would need to investigate this more thoroughly. Please send some screenshots as well.


Thank you,


Norbert Kucsma

Technical Support Engineer

I did this but the result is the same. I think I will wait for a better version


I have seen this same issue in other posts but I did not see any response on how to resolve it.  After clicking on Start AI Engine Button I get an error that reads "Torch is not able to use GPU...".    I have a NVIDIA Quadro P4000.  Thanks for any suggestions.

Screenshot 2023-12-02 08.41.18.png

Hi Alika_Romanchak,


Thanks for the question.


Can you please check if a GPU driver update helps?

Please start the Engine in low Vram.

On the AI Visulaizer UI:
- stop the engine (the button next to the 'Start AI Engine') and wait a minute

- uncheck the 'Start in High Vram mode' checkbox

- Start AI Engine (and wait for it to start)

- generate a picture


If it still fails please contact your local support with the system information of your GPU (NVIDIA control panel, help menu, system information, save). 


Kind regards,

Norbert Kucsma

Technical Support Engineer

Thank you Norbert.  Updating the drivers solved the issue!


Hi I'm trying to setup the server on a windows machine and render it from a mac.

setting up the rendering engine on the windows machine worked. connecting to localhost works fine.

the only problem is, that I cannot get the other machines running archicad to connect to it.

I setup a firewall rule to let through any traffic on port 7860 so the firewall should not be the problem if 7860 is the only port that is needed for the archicad add-on to communicate to to the server.

I searched and found the option of parameterizing the launch() function with --share, but I just want the webinterface to be accessible from inside our network.

What configuration step did I miss?

Thanks  in advance

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