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Adding a 2D symbol to a 3D object


Hey All,


I'm trying to add a 2D symbol to a 3D Object.
What I'm trying to achieve is done in the video below, but i cant seem to get it to work and I'm wondering if something has changed since the video is 10 years old.

as I'm importing an RFA as GDL object to start with that this might be creating an issue.


I think i am following all the instructions correctly but my 2d symbol stretches once inserted.  (it just randomly stretches, its not aligning to anything in particular.)

I'm affectively building plug socket and other electrical points to have symbols in plan and correct form in elevation and 3d.  I'm in the UK so cant find BIM object to do this off the shelf.


Any thoughts on this would be great... 





Ivor Hession

A_ Smith


Not sure what are you trying to achieve. I didn't watch 15 min video... But if you want to create a 2D projection of an object you can simply use command in 2D script


PROJECT2 3, 270, 2


If you want to draw a symbol by yourself from lines and fills you can do it in 2D symbol window. Though in order to show it you must insert FRAGMENT2 command in a 2D script. Just be careful - if 2D script contais both commands it will show what you have drawn + 3D projection.


AC 22, 24 | Win 10



Ah it was the Fragment2 bit I was missing.

Works perfectly once I add 'FRAGMENT2 ALL,0'


Thanks for the help.  Now have a complete set of UK electrical light switches and power sockets which show up in 2D as symbols and 3D as models.


Ivor Hession

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