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Doors Open in 3D (BIMx) but Closed in Elevation / Section


Hello fellow Archicad users,


 Do you know if there is a way that I can set a door or window's settings so that they appear as closed in section and elevation drawings, but open in 3D fly through for BIMx? My experience so far is that the settings allow for one or the other. 


 Ideally I would be able to have them open for BIMx presentations but closed in documentation. I don't feel they look appropriate open in documentation drawings. 


 Any suggestions, or is this best for the wishes forum?


 Many thanks!


 Henry Saxby. 

Barry Kelly

The way the doors and windows are scripted, you can open/close them in plan or 3D.

In Archicad, 3D includes sections and elevations, as they are just 3D views from the side.


There would need to be additional GDL commands added to to check and control them if they are being displayed in sections and elevations.


I am pretty sure the default Graphisoft doors and windows do not do this, and it is not something you would want to amend in the default objects.

It can be done, but not unless you are not skilled in GDL.

You would also need to do it every time there is a new or updated library, another reason not to do it.


Make a wish in the Get Together > Wishes Forum.



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I had a reno filter for this in one project... duplicating sooo many sliding doors and windows... Zzz...

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I wrote my own doors and windows, this being one of the reasons. I have all my views separated in my scripts. It is possible in the default library but all the reasons Barry states are completely relevant.