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Publish as bimx hyper model grayed-out

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I could not find solution to my problem so i decided to post it here.

I have both ac20 and ac22 installed on PC. System Win10 Home. Ac license is full.
When i try to publish as bimx hyper model on ac22 the option is grayed-out. I tried to dig trough publisher options and it seems like its missing. Next I tried repairing instalation, it did not work too. Then I uninstalled ac22 and installed it back again. Still the option was grayed-out. Fun part is on ac20 I can publish as bimx hyper model.

Is there anybody with Win 10 Home and ac22?
Is this possible that ac22 is not compatibile with Win10 Home?
Could this be something with codemeter/license?

Thanks for any support (I know there is no support for win10 home )

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The problem has been solved. I did install AC21. After that publish to bimx on AC22 started to work.
Its half-soultion so please look into that problem when working on AC23

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