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Accurate Sun Positioning in BIMx Mobile

We’re excited to introduce a new BIMx mobile feature for architects, clients, and all stakeholders. Sun positioning by date and time is now available in the sun settings palette, both in the iOS and Android apps.  Last year, we improved BIMx’s visual...

BIMx date and time sunrise-sunset.gif RolandSzabo_1-1686560278662.png RolandSzabo_2-1686560376719.png RolandSzabo_3-1686560405008.png

Cast shadows in BIMx Mobile

More realistic visuals Realistic visuals are becoming increasingly important in architectural presentations. BIMx presents a visual quality enhancement for a more realistic look: the new Cast Shadows render mode! Explore the virtual building with thi...

indoor shadows.gif RolandSzabo_3-1657616231816.png favorites960p.gif RolandSzabo_2-1657616129475.png

Global Illumination, Background and Gallery Options for BIMx Export

When publishing your BIMx Hyper-model you can set various options: Global illumination Background Saving camera positions as gallery items Movie creation Limiting navigation See more details about these options here. In ARCHICAD 19 these options are ...

wp-content_uploads_2016_09_options-1.png wp-content_uploads_2016_09_export-options-1.png wp-content_uploads_2016_09_in-AC-20.png wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png