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I use Archicad 25.

I have a client that uses Archicad 24 and he asked me to send him a file to make some extra changes.

He asked me to send him the dxf-dwg translator that I use in my file but when I sent it he couldn't import it.

Is this because he has a previous Archicad version? Does anyone know how to solve this issue?


Thank you in advance


Lee Hankins

If you backside your Archicad file with the translator in it from AC25 to AC24 and then open the file in 24 and save the translator out that should then work.

Lee Hankins
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The translators are not saved with the file - they are part of the Archicad installation, so saving back to 24 will not recreate the 25 translator in version 24 - at least I am pretty sure it wont.


If ST has the translator in version 24, they can export it from there.

If not then maybe just take note of the settings and re-create it in 24.




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I am afraid Barry is right.. I'll have to recreate it from the scratch (pens,linetypes,fills....and so on)... 😞


Thank you anyway...



Would be good improvement to have translator not as separate files but part of *.pln file so everyone will have same translators who are using file, this is a mess to share translators between all participants.

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