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Multiple ID fields in the interactive schedule

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Has anyone found a means to have 2 ID fields in the interactive schedule? I am looking for a means to have the window or door ID show on both the right and the left of the schedule. Thanks for any advice.

Since the option for the fields is boolean (true/false), I doubt it's possible to do through the Scheduler. Once you have it placed once, the only option is to turn it back off.

You could probably modify your objects to have an internal parameter that duplicated the ID field. Yeah, I know, it's not even remotely feasible to modify every door & window you use, but it is possible.

You could also cheat and place the view twice in Plotmaker, with one of them cropped to just show the ID column.
Tom Waltz

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Thanks for the suggestions of alternate means to achieve the end goal. It seems like the double placement in plotmaker (or two schedules in the view) might be the easiest way to go. I used to modify standard library parts, but this becomes a problem as libraries are updated from version to version.

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