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ARCHICAD23- Teamwork send&receive notification

I think it would be a good idea to have notifications in teamwork mode when someone just send their changes, it would save time to message each other say "hey I just update my part", and you get to decide if you want to receive changes now or later.

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Schedule Edits but Doesn't Save the Edit

So I have Custom Text in the schedule for me to type information under. The problem is that part way through entering this information into the schedule, the cell's stopped saving the information at a point in the process of filling out the schedule....

Bimcloud conflicts while editing library parts

Ok I am running into this flustrating issue on our BIM Server. We run Archicad 22 5009 CZE and BIM Server 22.0.2408.411 (Can't update this because of server HW and SW setup) We have five client workstations and for the specific project we need to mak...

EXPRESSION - Plan impression

Hello to everyone, I wanted to ask you if there is any possibility to put two automatic text of drawing scale: 1- One for the drawing in the original sheet size (in this case A1 sheet). 2- Another for a possible print on A3. ¿Is it possible with expr...

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SCHEDULE - Big panel with different types of windows

Hello to everyone, I wanted to ask you if there is any possibility to make a unique carpentry with the windows or door tool composed of 1 recessed sliding window + a pivoting window + fixed panel (where every window open in 2d and 3d). We tried with ...

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Messaging on Teamwork

I was wondering if there was an audible alert for incoming messages. They come in silently. I am working remotely on a hot project where timely communication is key, but several messages have come in before I even notice them. Our team has resorted t...