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IFC exports for IESVE 2019 software workflow

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Dear ArchiCAD comunity,
has somebody experience with straight export of geometry model for simulations in IESVE software
and knows the possible IFC setting for exporting ?

I am unsuccessful to find appropriate workflow for exporting from Archicad 21
(I do IESVE Daylight simulations for BREEAM certifications)

In forum are similar discussions regarding export of gbXML, but :
- native form of exporting gbXML from Archicad 21 brings to IESVE failure and crash during importing the file
- discussed plugin from Cadimage for gbXML exporting is not available for Archicad 21 version .

does someone had experienced this problem ?

or could software developement team advice me the usable IFC export setting ?


Hello Richard Pinka,

If it is only a question of exporting a geometry in order to carry out "Daylight simulations", it is first of all necessary to question the georeferencing of the IFC model as well as the IFC export parameters relating to this georeferencing. Have you already done so?
And if yes, how ?
Christophe - FRANCE
Archicad Designer and Teacher
Archicad 15 to 27 FRA FULL

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"Quality is never an accident ; it's always the result of an intelligent effort" John Ruskin
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Chér Christophe,
bonjour á France et merci beacoup pour votre 'intérêt...

I think the cause of problem is somewhere else like in geolocating the IFC model.
At first: I simply cannot import IFC model [exported from Archicad 21] to IESVE. It tells: "The IFC file does not contain Space Boundary (IfcSpaceBoundary) entities. These are required to provide the geometry for thermal analysis.
at second: when I try way to export gbXML, with the zones cretated, I can import this model but it seems only "internal space boudnaries" are imported. not external wall boundaries, neither any of facade elements with shading purpose ...

... I am sure the geolocation is possible to define within IESVE so this is not cause.

Any luck resolving this issue? I am having very similar problems. The GBXML file I try to "start a new project" with crashes IESVE upon opening every time. I mocked up a quick simple model with slab, roof, walls, and zones and was able to open that no problem. 


I'm wondering if it's a problem with file size? I am exporting GBXML through the Archicad energy model review.