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Morphs Exported as IfcSpace

Marcell Hillier

Compliance with the German BIM modeling guidelines 


In general, during certain workflows, it is necessary to model rooms with the Morph Tool in addition to the Zone Tool. In addition to this modeling method, the new German BIM modeling guidelines require various building permit information in the form of exported IfcSpaces. Once the local authority approval process becomes mandatory, German architects must comply; otherwise, it is impossible to get permission for their design. 


Space volumes on the IFC output will also be derived from Morphs 


It was essential to introduce a new improvement to fulfil the guideline requirement. Until Archicad 26, only Archicad zones were translated to IfcSpace entities on the IFC output. Although the IFC type mapping functionality allows you to classify morphs as spaces and map their classification as IfcSpace, morphs were still exported as IfcBuildingElementProxy in Archicad 25. 




IFC Type Mapping in Archicad 25 with a warning about the limitation of the export: only zones could be exported as IfcSpace. 


Starting with Archicad 26, space volumes can also be derived from morphs on the IFC output. Classify morphs (e.g., as Commercial Space), then map this classification as IfcSpace, using the IFC Type Mapping for Export dialog. This way, morphs will also be exported as IfcSpace. 




IFC Type Mapping in Archicad 26 provides information about the export: morphs can also be exported as IfcSpace.  


Submit compliant models straight from Archicad to the digital authority approval service 


Thanks to the new function, German architects can submit their designs to the local authorities for review via the online BIM validation platform. Access the digital authority approval service and submit compliant models straight from Archicad without any extra effort. 


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