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Parts missing from DWG import


Hi, I am experiencing a weird issue when trying to import a DWG into ArchiCAD 26. I'm trying to create a mesh from the lines but parts of the DWG are just missing. When I open it in the Autodesk online viewer the DWG looks great but in ArchiCAD some of the lines are fragmented to the point where I don't even know where they go. I am a student and have received this DWG from a rhino file. I don't have control over how it is exported but again I think this is on ArchiCAD's end as the viewer shows up fine. I have messed with the translators as well but I honestly don't know what I'm looking at on that end. I have used ArchiCAD for 7 years at this point and have never had this problem. 


Windows 11 - ArchiCAD 26

dwg from archicad.jpg


dwg from viewer.jpg



Maybe because Archicad is not a NURBS based program like Rhino is and curves are not smooth when imported into Archicad ? You would have to process the native Rhino file when it imports into Archicad. Have a search for an official video on how to do this with a Taurus as an example. Others would know much more about this than I do.

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If possible get back to the Rhino guy from which you get the DWG. He shall execute the "extract Points" command on the curves and save them in TXT format. Then import this file in AC. It will create a mesh right away based on the curves.

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Thank you! I will see him tomorrow and ask him about this. That would be amazing to be able to get the mesh in without having to rebuild it. I did mange to get the DWG lines to come in by first bringing it into Adobe Illustrator then exporting a DWG from there and then bringing that into ArchiCAD and not all the lines are showing up correctly. It's frustrating that ArchiCAD will not read DWGs as well as a program like Illustrator. I don't have the technical knowledge to know why but seams like its something that you shouldn't have to know a ton in order to do. 

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