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Window shcedule layout

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I would like to know if there is any chance to create an archicad window schedule (that will be auto-filled and auto-updated) achieving a specific layout. In the attached image, the top view is showing the archicad schedule I have managed to create. The bottom view is the layout of the schedule that I am looking for. This specific layout is in an archicad file that I was given to use as a reference guide. However, the window schedule of this file is not an Archicad schedule, but each window elevation seems to have been drawn again from scratch. Is this a proper / popular way of working with schedules in Archicad?
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And if it is not possible to achieve the bottom layout, how can you change some elements of the default archicad schedule? For example, is it possible to change the glass color of the windows from black to white?
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
The Schedule is always in Table form, there is no other possibility.

I think the lower image shows a layout with multiple drawings placed on it. I would guess that all those Windows were simply drawn on a Worksheet and then placed as Drawings on a Layout.
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You can get real close to what you're after:
1. Make the preview the first scheduled parameter.
2. Then the rest of the info you want to display.
3. Select one of the previews and set its alignment.
4. Apply automatic dimensions.
5. Remove cell borders.
6. Change text sizes.

Color can be controlled with pen sets, and MVO (or graphic overrides in AC20, but they're a bit buggy in schedules), depending on what you need. About the only things you'll need to do separately: lines and levels shown, but you could automate that by using a section/elevation. ID frames can only have the same cell size.

Maybe the example layout was placed like that for some project specific reason, but I would definitely change the format to take advantage of automation.

Best regards.
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Thanks sinceV6, I followed your suggestions and they were very helpful. It looks now closer to the reference layout. Attached an image of my updated schedule. I think it is worth to accept it and have the advantages of an auto-updated schedule. The only annoying part I can't control is the glazing color. This will be too bold when printed out .
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