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archicad vs revit (in my opinion)

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hey there, In my office I use archicad for everything...
6 months earlier I decided to try revit so i had revit 2011 and did some interesting stuff with it, and came upon these points about revit vs archicad

Editing of shapes/splines (e.g. Slabs, fills, lines….etc):
Archicad: very easy! You just click on an edge or node and a spline editing toolbar appears, in archicad this is done very quickly.

Revit: you go into a 2d editing mode where you use 2d drafting tools (offset, trim, line, circle….etc) to draw the spline or the shape you want.

Library parts Objects creation:
Archicad: I have to admit first that I had no training in this topic. Though it's very complex and knowledge-based and process to create an object or a lib. Part in archicad. Of course there are objects that you can create fairly easy like simple doors or so, but if you want to add parameters or functionality to you objects. There has to be programming and scripting done (e.g. creating something like the "Partition Panel "that has a number of panels and accessories on/off switches…).
Revit: I'm surprised to find that objects (families) creation in revit is something that is as easy as drafting... You just create a model, add dimensions, link/constrain them to specific parameters and make your object work like magic; actually, this is the most attractive feature in revit along side with it's 3d massing tools that is yet to be discussed.
I can say that archicad is a user friendly building modeler and non user friendly objects editor/creator. Whereas revit is a non user friendly building modeler (as to be discussed bellow) and a user friendly object creator/editor! Very strange fact...Eh

• 3d Modeling
Archicad: archicad's strong point is its flexibility. You can very quickly create a building model with high level of detail and finishing. However, there is organic architecture which is a zone that I cannot cross using archicad's modeling tools. Is NOT capable of creaing organic shapes whatsoever unless with a help of a 3rd party add on like cigraph's archiform.

Revit: wonderful!!!! I only have to say that I can play with these revit's massing tools in forever!

• 3d window 3d navigation
Archicad: 3d window use 'exploration' rather than 'zooming'. Archicad makes you feel like you are holding a camera and going through the model. There is the feature of 3d explore which I like to play with when I have clients in it impresses them and makes them understand the design better.
The 3d window uses openGL engine to enable the user to see raster materials applied to objects this helps a lot with the modeling and decision making.
The 3d modes are shading, wire frame, hidden line (internal engine only)
Shadows are enabled in openGL in version 14 which is great although I didn’t try it yet.
Vector patterns are enabled via the use of enternal 3d window engine.

Revit: Its default 3d projection is an axonometric view!!!! . I HATE axonometric VERY MUCH and I think that parallel projections are best suited for mech. Engineers or some industrial designers, its use in my opinion in architecture should be limited to descriptive views (sectional 3ds…etc). You can add perspective view via cameras which suks. To make it worse; the 3d navigation is via 2d zoom, meaning that you navigate in your model like you are zooming in a picture.
In the previous versions, the display of real textures preview in 3d window didn't exist up until version 2011 of revit, which had a big entrance via enabling not only the display of textures, but also the display of ambient occultation. There is also several display modes like hidden line, shaded with edges, shaded without edges
Vector patterns are present through all the versions of revit

To be continued………
blobmeister wrote:
Tomas wrote:
Yeah revit can do MORE, it can make cool groovy shapes and you can use adaptive elements to knock off Ghery till the cows come home...but this describes about 5% of all architectural projects....and if you have the budget to do that, buying a third party program on Archicad is still cheaper than Revit. If you need to model furniture in Archicad, Sketchup (which still is much easier than Revit) and bring into Archicad.
Try battering a wall, canting a wall, changing the thickness in Revit. Try manipulating anything in a 3d view. etc. You can spend your time refuting these, but usually all you come up with is some other way of doing the same thing, but not as well.
The whole point of developing tools to make funky Frank Gehry buildings is to make it possible to develop on top of those tools, day to day tools, like stairs, site, slanted walls etc. You can't develop site tools if the software doesn't allow you to loft solids and surface.

And therefore I always said Graphisoft needs to develop these tools for funky buildings. Once that in place, the rest follows.

This principle applies to just about any technology in use today. Just look at the 'theres-no-market-for-tablets' iPad ...

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Not doubt that in the future all BIM software will communicate with a huge unified database .

Our job is to be healthy to reach that moment alive because technology give us something and steal something from ours live .

I can say that next 20 years will be not so good due globalisation .

Information can be a good thing only if selected - not overload our brain and creativity .

Somebody Please Unplug-me !!! ... malfuction , neuronal overload error ....
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A topic I know has been brought up a numerous of time......
What are everyones views on ArchiCAD and Revit?
advantages of each, diadvatages of each, etc..
Who do you think comes out on top fas a BIM product?
have a look here
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