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counting items in a schedule

Hi mates i'm modelling kind of exhibition stands, using wood manels, i schedueled them using schedueles, and it was so powerfull as always but there is a problem, i want my schedule to be like shown in the attachement, using theese addition symbols i...


Is it possible to create a non-graphical information database in archicad with custom data fields, that can be searched and filtered, and used to populate a schedule? There are some processes we do as architects where we research many options, such a...

Resolved! recommended add ons

I've read through a few pages on this area of the forum and got some ideas but would like some clarification or other suggestions. I work for a small residential firm. We do mostly remodels, some additions, and occasionally something commercial (stor...

Calculate using expression; Zone - columns

Hi, In Finland we have a regulation to be able to deduct certain types of columns from the main area (m2) The main area is calculated using a Zone that extends from the outer walls inner surface 250mm - so you have to draw the Zones by hand. We use t...

Multi-seat object, how to schedule count

I have a 'seat row' object, it has a parameter displaying the resulting seat count and it can show the count value in a text block. Is there any way of getting that object information into a schedule, so as to list and sum up the individual row count...

Ignacio by Advisor
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Parametric Option Sets

I am having trouble with the correct associated Zone showing up in my door schedule for a location property, so I am working on creating a new property for doors in which there is an option set with all of the Zone Names in the project. Is there a qu...


Opened my door schedule today, started making changes in several columns. one being leaf thickness. Changed several doors thickness, no problem. Went for coffee, came back and continued to change several doors thickness but the schedule would not tak...

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