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Flat roof with pitch at the front. Create shape how

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How would I create this roof shape, not even sure I've titled it right?

this was quickly done in Sketchup..

Originally I tried using a slab for the flat section then a roof squashed as much as I could, but just looked wrong in 3D and elevation.

I've also tried a complex profile assigned to a wall but I can't figure out how to get the right shape.

I've not had much luck with morphs yet. Is there another way!?

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So I think I over complicated it. On my Complex Profile I removed the flat section leaving just the pitch at the front then used Solid Operations to clean up. This seems to work, but open to better suggestions.

Karl Ottenstein
The general rule is always to model it as you would build it.

That angle bit isn't a roof. It's a parapet wall with a decorative roof-like face that would probably be over-built on site, or pre-fabricated.

The flat roof, if indeed flat, could be done with the slab tool or the roof tool - but since you show a skylight, the roof tool would be the ideal choice. In reality, the roof will not (or had better not) be flat - but will be angled towards drainage scuppers or channels.

The vertical parapet wall on the interior-roof side would be flashed/covered with a membrane that is part of the roof system. It could be modeled as a wall (as it would be built) - with the angle bit as a roof, etc, depending on your desired sectional detail. Or, just the assemblage could be modeled, as you've done, with a complex profile or a Morph.
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