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custom panel does not cut to shape scheme grid


So I made a custom panel and then saved it as a custom curtain wall panel. After playing with the curtain wall to make it look like I wanted, I cut it to a shape I wanted, a triangle let's say. The problem is that these custom shapes are not cut to the shape of the grid, scheme grid, or make them custom sized to fit in that grid.
From what I've seen there are people with the same problem and they got a response like this: " I don't think this is possible to do. You will need to create another custom curtain Wall that would fit properly in those situations. Or script one so you can set them parametrically." 
The question is if I can solve this more simply than a script as I don't know how to do something like that or if someone can help me to modify something in the object's script so that it can cut by shape. 

Screenshot 2024-04-18 232340.png

Operating system used: Windows edu

Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin

I would say that the custom Curtain Wall Panel does what it was scripted to do; it was not scripted to handle those boundary cut-off cases.

I am not very familiar with custom Curtain Wall Panels so I don't know if it would be possible to script it so that it handles those boundaries properly, maybe someone with more GDL knowledge in this area knows the answer.

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you can use the "advanced" roof cutting tool under design > roof extras > crop to single-plane roof. all you do basically is make a roof thats slanted the way you want then mark the window and roof and then go in the setting i mentioned above. ive made some abstract art with that. i also keeps the barrier around 🙂

An array of each corner node is available for use in GDL. Not simple to implement though... Who ever decided that the edge panels should scale though obviously never tested it to see that the idea was completely useless. Scripting a cutting plane that encompases all panels would have been easier than calculating the relevant intersection points required to scale each panel corner to corner...

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I know it's a bit late replying but I don't really understand what you're saying :)) can you elaborate a bit?



Hi @mrboya, I think you have your question answered in that you would need to create another custom curtain wall with that external boundary frame clearly defined first. Then draw your grid inside with the mullions. I am only just learning how to use it in a domestic application and I don’t do any GDL scripting.

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What is the reason for creating a custom panel in this situation?  Does the custom panels have any surface undulations or slopes?  


If it's just a flat 3-sided panel with a consistent thickness then there is no need for a custom panel.  Just use the standard panel options and it will still be cut by the frame elements at the desired angles.  You'll need to add frames on the angles to cut the panels into triangles, but that's easily accomplished using the diagonal frame tools at the lower right hand corner of the scheme window.



Jeff G

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Hi @Jeff Galbraith, In my situation I used a curtain wall to represent a triangular window above and including a glass sliding door on a gable end. I was able to use a triangular window anyway but just tried using the CWT to practice using it.


For @mrboya, I think he needs to follow your suggestions on shaping the CW for his particular application. 

I don’t do high rise and I am not an Ace with AC either. Just intermediate to advanced with low rise residential work that’s all.

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Barry Kelly

@mrboya , as Jeff has said there is no need to use a custom panel.

If you save a slab as a custom curtain wall panel, it will not trim to the outer frame boundary.

Any other curtain wall panel will.




The curtain wall has it's own frames, so if it is a frame around each panel that you want you just need to use the curtain wall frames.

However there is a panel with profiled edges that you can also use and that will trim to the outer frame shape.



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