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Schedule mirrored modules

Can anybody please tell me how could I possibly get the status of the"mirrired" tick box of modules into a schedule?
Alternatively, the mirrored status of an object would do, but once the object is placed as part of a module, the parameter script does not run in schedules, so I could not make it report wether it is mirrored or not.
Please, somebody!!!!

It must be possible. The tick box is there and shows the correct info when the object is part of a module. How do I access that piece of data?
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Hi Karoly,
I have always used the object method.
Which object are you planning to schedule? Is it a standard ArchiCAD one?

I usually do this with custom objects. We create a parameter in the object called "handed" (we don't use mirror in case the builder puts mirrors everywhere )
In the parameter script I write
if symb_mirrored = 1 then
parameters handed = 1
parameters handed = 0
lock 'handed'

You can then schedule this parameter

Hope this helps

Barry Kelly
Schedules don't have a field to give the mirrored status of an object that I can see (I checked in 21 but not 22 - I assume it is the same there and I see you are using 20 anyway).

All I can think of is to add a parameter to the objects that will show if it is mirrored or not - one that mimics the mirrored status of the object.
Then schedule that parameter.
This is fine if the objects are yours and you can modify them - not so good if they are the standard Graphisoft library.


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Could you schedule the hotlink source perhaps? Then just have two versions of the hotlink, one mirrored one not.

Wouldn't directly give you the objects mirrored state, but would tell you if it was part of a mirrored layout...

Not sure if this is your intention though.

Happy hunting!
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Yeah, I had the same script in my object.
The problem is:
- once the object is part of a module, the schedule doesn't show the correct handing.
It is because the schedule doesn't trigger running the parameter script, hence it always show the default value.
This is why I was hoping to get access to the actual tick box value in the module setting.
It seems I can't access the module source file name either, unless someone knows a secret there.
The only option I know works is to "run parameter script... Manually fit the whole project. That takes hours...

Any better idea?
ArchiCAD since 4.5

Windows 10

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