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Sliding windows arrow on right


Im relatively new to Archicad and I need to create a window schedule that shows the direction of the window opening for a sliding window. It seems like you cant change sliding windows to show the arrow on the right when choosing the single arrow option. I need the arrow to display on the smaller window. The attached images show whats currently happening and what Id like it to show (Ive mocked it up in paint). Is there anyway of doing this?



should just have to mirror the window over the center point to switch the sliding panel side


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Thank you, I tried flipping previously and couldnt find mirror. Ive done this now and it works. I couldnt find how to mirror from the centre point, just Ctrl+M. How do you do this?

CTRL+M is the mirror command, then you must pick the point you want to mirror about.

In this case choose a point in the middle of the window.


With windows and doors you just need to pick one point to mirror as it will automatically mirror within the wall.

With any other element you must choose 2 points (i.e. a line about which the mirror occurs).



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yeah, flip just turns what was the inside to the outside... doors sometimes need to be flipped/rotated/mirrored to get them to schedule... flip for windows would be to put the interior trim to the interior side, if it was originally placed inside out. rotate does the same/similar thing but does not redefine which side is inside/outside. and mirror flips it parallel to the wall reference

BIM solutions and trouble shooting (self proclaimed) expert

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