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Using an alternate coordinate system in AC 22

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I'm asking this question on behalf of someone else due to a language barrier, so I apologize in advance if I misuse any terms or anything of the sort, as I'm not an AC user myself. So with that out of the way, my question is the following:

I've imported an external drawing (.dwg from AutoCAD) that I need to work on into an empty project. The standard coordinates system that is used locally (in Iceland) is called ISN93 ( and According to the authors of the external drawing, those coordinates should "just work" when imported into AutoCAD or MicroStation, but they are not familiar with ArchiCAD, so they could not be of assistance with that in particular.

Now, those coordinates do not appear anywhere in the imported drawing, and going into Options -> Project Preferences -> Project Location only lets me set a project origin in lat/long coordinates. Is there any way to have an ArchiCAD project work in an alternate coordinate system, such as ISN93?

I hope I got the question across, please ask me to clarify if anything is unclear and I will answer as best I can. Thanks for your help.

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Any ideas on this? The external drawing is also available in DXF format, if that makes any difference.

Szabolcs Miko

It's quite hard to answer the question without a file to test it with. When you refer to coordinates not appearing anywhere in ARCHICAD, do you mean that they are not correct, or you don't know how to check if they are right. DWG's import and export depend on their translators in ARCHICAD. Read more:

Also, it would be worth contacting your local support for further help, they are more familiar with local standards and coordination workflows:

Best wishes,


Szabolcs Mikó

Manager, Global Education

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