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Windows dark mode

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At the developer conference for the release of 24 there was push for a Windows dark mode (Mac OS already has dark mode). This does not appear to have been implemented with version 25.

Is there any movement on this?

The MacOS side also already has TRUE multi-monitor capability (...and has had for some time now).

Back in Windoze PCland were still waiting for it despite constantly asking for it and looking at the new features videos for AC25 it seems we have yet even longer to wait.

I wouldn't hold my breath on either of these two feature improvements over the next several versions.
Windows users have always been treated like the dirty step-child by Graphisoft.

Double curse on you if you're a Windows user AND a small firm user (...they seem to hate those too).

Strange enough, but few features in ArchiCAD working properly only on Windows.

Let see how Graphisoft will do with native ARM CPU support (or it will run on Rosetta now for several years).


This is a workaround, but a decent one as there is little news on this subject from Graphisoft.


Here's my solution:


Download WindowTop from Microsoft Store. This is an app that lets you invert any window/app, without inverting the entire monitor(s).


Then it's only a matter of inverting your pen set. I have only inverted those that look awful, like 8-10 pens for now. Save it as a new pen set ("yourpenset – inverted" or something like that) and that's it. Even 3d was somewhat inverted, but it's obviously not very good at that. You can always turn it off very quickly from the WindowTop menu that appears when you hover over the top centre of the window.


It's also good for any other program you might have that doesn't support darkmode.


Any updates on the windows dark mode?

Is it possible in AC 26?

AC26 INT | WIN10

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