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complex shape projects workaround

Hi Archicad users !

sometimes i need to model some organic projects, for just 3d work it's not that difficult, BUT when it comes to CORRECT 2D representation, it's rally a NIGHTMARE
the project i'm showing in the attaachement is modeled using morphs, ( i tried before shells, roofs, mesh... all are useless workarouds) this tools didn't intersect in the adjacent edges, so there is a gap between two volumes ( if the angle between them is superior than 180° )

* Morph is the best choice i think, all single volumpes are not merged using the merge morph command, they are merged using the merge element command ( under right clic command connect, merge elements), this way all estra lines will be hidden, and the morphs intersect and show correctly on plan section and the will remain seperated for extra editing or SEO operations....

* when it comes to internall walls : A NIGHTMARE again, walls don't show correctly on plan after a SEO, so after a looong testing i figured out this solution, like in the attachement...
i'm using a beam in the intersection area cos it shows correctly after a SEO.

i'm always isking why all this simple things are not programmed correctly in the software, archicad have PLENTY of tools, but almost of them are unfinished in my opinion,
- possibility of extruding multiple morphs at the same time.
- intersecting two morphs or two shells in the space ( like walls )
- defining custom angles for all shell edges separately
- Correct wall presentation after SEO
- possibility to show wall on home level +1 or -1 or custom levels like slabs, beams and all other tools...
- more advanced SEO to ovoid extra work or modelling operators for simple substraction operations .... ( the 4th example in the attachement )
- all elements with the same material can be merged ( extra lines should be hidden ) or keep the choice to the user to choose between merging and hiding lines or not )

Link to attachement in HD
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, 32 GB RAM, RTX 3080 10 GB
Archicad 25
Windows 10 professional

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