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I recently moved to the mac from the PC. I had developed a number of plug-ins for the PC based on the examples for the PC. Now would like to do the same on the MAC, however,when I try to log in to the API file site I find that my credentials are no longer valid. I understand that graphisoft has changed their developer site from PARTNER to GSPARTNER but that has a new sign in.

I requested a new sign in several weeks ago but have yet to hear anything. Also I sent in a support ticket two months ago (twice now) but both tickets were just forwarded to development and I never heard from anyone since.

Does anyone know whats going on and why access has been denied now.

Can't understand why Graphisoft is just ignoring people. Certainly, if their wondering why they can't compete with Revit in North America --- this maybe why?

Windows 10 - Visual Studio 2019; ArchiCAD 25

Alex Moruzzi
You should change your signature from Windows 7 then... Can't help you on the admin side ...hope you get reply ...
Archicad 19 - OSX10.10 - MBP early 2011 16G/ssd

Nikolett Horvath
Hi Gerry,

I regret to hear that you haven't received answer to your question. Please be sure that you use the following email address:

Let me remind you that API Developer registration expires yearly, that's why you may not access the download page. You can renew your developer membership here:

FYI, the address of the API devkit download page remained the same.

I hope this information helps to solve your problem.

Thanks for all the responses. Let me report a happy outcome. I finally did get a link from Graphisoft TS for the mac API. Loaded them and they compile just fine under XCODE. BTW -- the download and use of the API and Examples always was free as still is the access to the developer agreement and the utility to generate the use codes. Only developer TS is paid. Only problem now was that the access code utility is generating an exception on the mac when I try to run it. Reported same. But no problem, I just used the PC and Windows version to get all the access codes I need for the examples and my couple small programs. == Happy now.

Windows 10 - Visual Studio 2019; ArchiCAD 25

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