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Expressions in Auto Text Labels?

Jeff Galbraith
Is it possible to write an expression in an auto text label so that the resulting text is dependent on the object it is applied to?

I am trying to create a wall tag that includes both the wall rating and the composite name of an element. I run into 2 problems:

1. The text for wall rating is too cumbersome as currently defined in the properties. I would like the auto-text label to be able to translate into '1 hour' into '1'.

2. Some walls are created from composites and some are created from complex profiles etc. I would like the auto-text label to show only the relevant general parameter, 'Complex Profile' or 'Composite Structure' depending on how the item is made. If I enter both parameters in the text label then use the label on a complex profile wall then the label includes the default '#CompositeStructure' text in the string... It needs to either be smart enough to show one or the other, or default to no characters if the parameter doesn't apply.

Is this table with auto text, or do I need a custom scripted label?
Jeff G

Archicad 24 USA (full), Macbook Pro (16-inch 2019)

More info is needed to know exactly how you want to format your label?

Perhaps a image of you desired formatted label text would help?

As far as , complex vs compound, just use the general attribute of "Structure Type" which returns the type of the wall (complex vs compound)

Fire rating can be easily reformatted together with Structure Type within a expression. Once you do that, I would create a label favorite for reuse. This same expression can also be used within a schedule, as you wish.

Windows 10 - Visual Studio 2019; ArchiCAD 26

Tim Ball
You could try creating an extra property that returns the result of the expression. That way you can access that field via the Auto text label
Tim Ball

AC26, iMac

User since V5

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