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Hi all

I'm trying to do some graphic tweaking to my archicad drawings.
I would like to outline the construction with a thick line, and draw all the other lines with a thin line.

I managed to achieve this effect in plan-view (see below)

But I can't seem to do this in section.
1. There is an artefact above the window
2. Where different materials meet, they are separated with thick lines.
Left = original
Right = how i wished the outlines would be shown

So probably it must be done (if possible at all) with another method.
Especially since sometimes I use two different floorslabs above each other (for ex. bottom = foundation slab, top = insulation and finishing). In that case, the line separating the two slabs should also be thin.

Does anyone have a clue how to achieve this?


There is no specific technique or algorithms have been developed to solve similar problems.
This problem does exist and currently here there is no solution to that apart to do some manual fixings - as computer generated drawing might be not so accurate as if it drawn by human.

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