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Printing/Saving to PDF Problem - external PDF Printer?

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iv posted this problem before but couldn't find how to fix it.

when i publish my layouts to PDF with AC12 it works perfectly fine expect for when we have our surveyors DWG inserted into a drawing.

i like to "merge to one PDF file", but if one of my layouts include this survey DWG then it does something to the PDF that causes it to crashe adobe when you try to open and view the PDF..

if i save each page to its own individual PDF page they all work fine except the pages with the survey on it.

so i download about 8 different external PDF printers with is all good and well, except none of them give me the option of merging to one PDF file.. which sucks.. and i dont want to have to merge them manually every time.

so does anyone know a: how to fix the problem or b: a PDF printer that will allow me to merge them all into one PDF file as it prints


I use PDF ReDirect from www. and have done for years without any problems. I set my publisher set to print to PDF redirect then save from redirect into a single PDF file.

Not sure why you would be having issues just because you have a dwg merged into your project. Do you merge the survey straight into your main 'model space'? I put my surveys on a seperate worksheet, then put everything that is in the survey to a single layer and delete the old layers that came in with the merge from my layer list. Then I put the survey to the layout book as a drawing and overlay my 'site plan' drawing over the top of it. This works fine with my PDF printer. Hope this helps.
V12-V25, PC: Ryzen 9 3950X, 64g RAM, RTX5000, Win 11

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