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AC 14 Dimension opaque owerlaps the line. Help

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I used the "dimension opaque" in AC 13, but in new version there is a problem. The text opaque covers the line.

Can I adjust the distance or opaque offset ?

In Layout it looks like the line was broken.

JG-101 100809 1.jpg




@Leire Bilbao wrote:

I will like to vote for a wish for it to get fixed. I don't understand how the wishes work in the new forum

Go to the wishes forum and make your request (as clearly as possible) and add a link back to this post for explanation.

Then if people agree, they can like the post.

Unfortunately we don't have polls yet.



@Leire Bilbao wrote:

Also the placement method you are showing there, I struggle with the "offset" one, I use it often but it always too far. Can't we set the distance by default?

Which is the 'offset' one?





There is 'Classic' - as it used to be in old Archicad versions.


'Flexible' allows for the text to move sideways and will also stack vertically if the side shift is off, or below the line if that is selected.


'Centred' won't allow for the side shift, just stacks vertically.


'Off' there is no adjustments what so ever.


Unfortunately we can not set the amount that the text moves.


Personally I just use the classic.

I'm used to that and it is all we had for years.

But looking at it now,  I would probably use the centred with no other options.


The reference guide explains all the options pretty well.



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Yes, I know all of them, been using them for many years. I prefer the centred than the classic but like I said it wastes lot of my time as you can't preset the distance and it goes too far by default


For the wishes, liking is now like voting then? I see one is already there so I will click "like" for that one and share a link to this thread.


Thank you for your answers

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

There was a similar wish which was about the ability to specify the default distance of the Dimension Text from the Dimension Line to avoid the Dimension Line being overlapped and covered by the Frame/Background Fill of the Dimension Text. It is actually already added to the Wishlist database:

Currently, we do not see the Votes on wishes but GS HQ has the data. Still, you can give a Like to the original post of the thread if you want to support it (until Polls come back to the Wishes forum).

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Leire Bilbao

That is great! Thanks for your answer

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