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ArchiCAD 19 Labels

I am trying to use the new ArchiCAD 19 label types (Generic Label 19) to notate the top of walls and top of footings on my foundation plan. However the automatic elevation has some issues. First, I like to define my ground floor as elevation 100, but this automatically makes it 0. I can fix this by adding "10" as my prefix for top of walls at or above the ground floor, but this does not work for anything below. For these I get numbers like "-8'-8" Is there any way to change this? Also, the label states that you can define the top of wall or bottom of wall by defining it as a core or finish. Since my wall is a complex profile, I would like to define the wall as the core and the footing as other, so that elevation finds my bottom of wall rather than my bottom of footing. This option does not seem to work at all though. It doesn't matter if I select core or finish, i am always given the same elevation. Is this an archicad glitch or is there something else that I need to do?
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
You should use the "Elevation Label 19" label, which was created specifically for this purpose. The "Generic Label 19" can show pretty much all data that any of the other labels can show, but you need to set more parameters to display only what you need.

Also, the Core option applies only to Slabs since they are the only element type where the skins are horizontal (in Walls they are vertical, in Roofs/Shells, they are mostly slanted so they are different at different points of the Roof/Shell).

As for the value displayed, try to set the vertical Elevation value of your Floor Plan to 100 in your Story Settings Dialog, then set the "Elevation Label 19" label to display values relative to "Project Origin".
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