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Can you update a view to see new layers?

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I have my layouts all set up with all the views I want, all ready to publish. I need to add something to a floorplan that shows up on 10 different layouts. I need to put it on a new layer, but now that layer does not show up the layouts. Can you select a view on a layout and somehow update that view to show the new layer? I haven't found a way to do this, usually what I do is just delete the views that I need the new layer to show up on and re-link them with the new layer on. That way the views I don't want this layer to show on will not show it upon auto-update.

That was a feature I really liked in PlotMaker, I could select a view on a layout and open the layers window and turn on or off any layer I wanted within PlotMaker. I just haven't found a way to do this yet with AC10.

Is there a way to do this??

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If you have used a layer combination in setting up the view all you need to do is change that combo and the view will update automatically. If you did not set a layer combo to start with all you need to do is assign one in the view settings dialog.
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Great! Thanks a ton, Matthew!
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